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Hours of Operation and Admission

Tuesday - 6:00p to 9:00p | $5.00
Thursday - 6:00p to 9:00p | $7.00
Friday - 6:00p to 10:00p | $12.00
Saturday Afternoon - 12:00p to 3:00p | $9.00
Saturday Night - 6:00p to 6:00p | $13.00

*Closed Sunday, Monday, & Wednesdays for Private Events

Admission includes regular skate rentals
Upgrade to Speed or Inline Skate for $3.00
Rent a Skate Mate for $3.00

*We are CASH Only! We do not accept any credit or debit cards, or any checks.

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Twi-Lite Roller-Skating Rink Policies

1. Twi-Lite does not allow any Outside Food or Drinks inside the rink.

  • We do have a Snack Bar & Drink Vending Machine inside the skating rink.

2. Twi-Lite does allow customers to bring in their own roller skates, however the admission price is still the same regardless of if you bring your own skates.

  • There is no skate boards, hoverboards, Heely's, scoters, strollers allowed on the skating surface.

3. Twi-Lite charges every person who comes inside the skating rink regardless of if they are skating or not.

  • EXCEPT - Twi-Lite does not charge non-skating parents, guardians, grandparents, adults who are just here to watch or supervisor a child. 

4. There is no Carrying Kids on the Skating Surface or Kids riding on Skate Mates with someone else pushing the Skate Mate.

5. Parents/Guardians are allowed to walk on the Skating Surface (with shoes on) with their child.

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