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Twi-Lite Roller-Skating Rink Policy

Twi-Lite Roller-Skating Rink is a Family-Friendly Environment. To Keep this a fun and safe environment, Twi-Lite has put into place a set of rules and restrictions.

1. There will be no aggressive behavior allowed towards Twi-Lite Staff or Customers.
2. No Firearms or Weapons allowed inside Twi-Lite Skating Rink.
3. No Smoking or Vaping allowed inside Twi-Lite Skating Rink. 

  • We do have two designated areas outside the rink for smoking. Do not smoke directly at the entrance of Twi-Lite. 

4. No Drug or Alcohol use allowed on Twi-Lite Property.

  • We do have the right to refuse service to anyone who appears or is under the influence of any drug or alcohol. 

5. No In-and-Out Privilege for any minor that is in the facility. 

  • Twi-Lite will not let any minor wander the parking lot. Any minor that is not of age of driving or that did drive themselves must have a parent/guardian or responsible driver to pick them up in order to leave the building.

6. Twi-Lite has a Zero-Tolerance for Bullying and Fighting

Anyone caught breaking any of the above rules and restrictions could be asked to leave the property. Thank you for your understanding and support. We hope you enjoy your time at Twi-Lite Roller-Skating Rink.

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